a woman in a brown short dress and blue jean open shirt is running on a beach with the water behind her. her hair is flying in the wind
Photo by Paige Laverty

Aloha! I'm Celine Germain, a practicing medical and somatic intuitive who has been making jewelry since she was in high school in Hawaii the late 80's. My love of making things with my hands is one of my lifetime passions. Tide & Tied is a small sample of my work. Each piece is unique, although pearls, coral, shells, leather, raw stones and semi-precious gems are a running theme.  I fell in love with gemstones, the concept that they come out of the ground, created by the earth, time and pressure or water is a marvel I'll never cease to be astounded by.

Jewelry making lives in my genes. My grandfathers siblings were the founders of Ming's, a Hawaiian fine jewelry company which produced iconic gold, ivory, pearl and jade pieces from 1940's until is closure in 1999. Although many family members owned Ming's pearls and gold jewelry, I didn't fall in love with pearls until I was in my 30's when I started to understand the way they are formed by the mollusk. 

Pearls are the ultimate proof that we can transform suffering into beauty.

My primary work has been as an intuitive healer dedicated to a thriving private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area with a focus on Somatic, Visceral and Neurological modalities since 1993. While I was educating myself by working closely with a master Taoist healer and a Cranial Osteopath, I found myself sitting with my clients suffering and marveling at their ability to transform themselves despite their pain. I have been honored to witness some extraordinary and miraculous healing stories.

I used to see my love for healing work and jewelry as separate. It hasn't been until recently that I've realized that they are the same expression of my soul nature. Both are my longing to see beauty in things and others, to facilitate a healing experience and to spread love and support to those who ask for it. You see, I believe beauty heals. No wait, I know it does because of my journey with my clients. Many who purchase my work say they feel healed when they wear my pieces. 

I've been lucky in this lifetime. I haven't gone this journey alone. My husband, an artist and art professor at California College of The Arts once said to me, "It's very important for you to make things." If it wasn't for this simple statement that rang so clearly I wouldn't have followed my passion for making jewelry. Many of my displays are made by him and there are a lot of supportive crits and moments of encouragement that keep my creativity afloat. Having a partner who knows the value of being an artist means always feeling inspired and supported in being creative myself.

 I craft all of my pieces in a humble basement studio in the Outer Sunset district of San Francisco and on the slopes of Maunalani on 'Oahu.