Tide & Tied is a jewelry sanctuary for the empowered woman who unapologetically celebrates her resilience, natural beauty, and uniqueness.

Here, beach glam merges the glamorous with the casual, embodying the spirit of a woman who embraces life fearlessly.

Infused with the essence of intuitive healing, our pieces serve as reminders of inner strength and empowerment, guiding the wearer on a journey of self-discovery and growth.

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Jewelry embodies our journey's essence, marking significant moments and grounding us in inner strength, intuition, and wisdom. In times of struggle, it's more than adornment; it's a tangible reminder of resilience and a vessel for carrying healing with us.


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I handcraft every piece with meticulous care, infusing them with my intuitive awareness and decades of experience as a practicing Intuitive, Somatic Healer, and Cranio-Sacral Therapist. My special gift lies in my ability to connect with materials on a deeper level, ensuring that each creation resonates energetically with its future collector.

Meet Celine
  • "Celine is a sorceress of many trades, and imbues all that she does with healing, love, intuition and connection I feel enveloped in all her radiance when I wear her jewelry." - Misha G. Oakland, CA

  • "Besides the obvious beauty of her pieces, there is a feeling I get wearing them of beng connected to the earth as a whole and her wonderous healing and creative energy." - Kendra L. Albany, CA

  • "I wear these pieces to remind me to carry my burdens more lightly and to honor my strength, agility and vulnerability. Celine's work is a way I carry my healing with me." - Robyn S. Martinez, CA"

  • "Some days I put on this necklace and I just feel healed." - Annonymous, San Francisco, CA

  • "I found myself reaching for my Sacred Tides necklace and holding it to ground myself. The pearls feel so solid." - M.M. Honolulu, HI