Collection: Infinity Weld: Permanet Jewelry

Permanent jewelry has become increasingly popular among enthusiasts and collectors, especially for those passionate about stacking pieces. A simple chain of your choosing can be welded on to your wrist or ankle to create an infinity loop. Or you can choose to wire wrapped pearls, stones and charms on.With no clasps to worry about, it's all about effortless style and lasting beauty. I have a selection of 14K solid gold, Gold Filled, Rose Gold Filled or Sterling Silver chains. You can share this bond with a friend or treat yourself to one.

If for some reason you need to remove your jewelry, simply cut the chain with scissors or a nail clipper. Save the chain to be rewelded or make an appointment to have a clasp attached.

I'm open for appointments, pop-up events, and shows, as well as private parties. Gather your friends for a memorable bonding experience!