Collection: nature



leather smells of the wild open crisp air, soiled hooved beasts sweaty and solid, familiar grasses beneath heavy clouds. bringing suede and leather cord into my work is a nod to the wild within each of us. 

14k goldfilled

gold sings the songs of the sun. its warmth and softness blend into the flesh radiating a noble heat into your bones fortifying you, giving you strength. aurum links us to earth, and ancestry and time in ways that other elements cant. we access these during times of struggle and hopelessness and it raises us out of despair. gold filled is a layer of 14K gold merged around a yellow metal base.

sterling silver 

foggy ocean mist, stormy ominous clouds, shoreline reflections, light reflected on wave tips. silver dreams you into the space between here and other-there. its coolness soothes and stirs inner reflections. its strength defies the darkness and heals wounds. keep silver close and you shall always be safe.