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Tide and Tied

Alchemy Cascade: Long Drop Tahitian Pearl Necklace

Alchemy Cascade: Long Drop Tahitian Pearl Necklace

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Alchemy Long Drop Tahitian Pearl Necklace 18" 

Embrace the alchemy of light and dark with our captivating Alchemy Long Drop Necklace. A mesmerizing mixed metal Italian paperclip chain extends to a daring length of 5" off of an 18" Gold Filled chain embodying a fusion of beauty and defiance.

At its center hangs a majestic teardrop Tahitian pearl, its iridescent depths capturing both light and shadow. This juxtaposition of light and dark symbolizes the duality within us all, inviting exploration and introspection, a talisman for your inner journey.

This necklace isn't just an accessory; it's a statement—a celebration of individuality and the courage to embrace both the light and the shadows within. Let the Alchemy Long Drop Necklace be your guide as you navigate the complexities of style and self-expression.

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