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Azure Tranquility: Tahitian Pearl & Turquoise Silk Necklace

Azure Tranquility: Tahitian Pearl & Turquoise Silk Necklace

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Azure Tranquility: Tahitian Pearl & Turquoise 22" Silk Necklace with Gold Filled Beads

The Azure Tranquility necklace: a harmonious blend of oceanic hues and luxurious textures. Crafted from tan silk, this 22-inch masterpiece boasts the vibrant color of turquoise beads, interspersed with gleaming gold-filled accents.

At its center lies a lustrous Tahitian pearl, a symbol of strength and wisdom, radiating an aura of effortless elegance. The juxtaposition of the azure turquoise and the iridescent pearl creates a captivating visual symphony, evoking the calming serenity of the sea.

Embrace the tranquil beauty of this necklace as it graces your neckline, guiding you with its intuitive energy and empowering you with its undeniable grace. Whether worn casually or for a special occasion, let Azure Tranquility be your companion, infusing every moment with a sense of peace and grace.

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