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Tide and Tied

Aura Crystal Talisman

Aura Crystal Talisman

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Handmade Quartz Aura Crystal Talisman Necklace.

A single quartz Aura Crystal Talisman set on a 17" 14K yellow gold filled, 14K rose gold or Sterling Silver chain. Each stone is a collaboration of alchemy between earth and man by treating the stones with different metals (gold and silver) creating the aura of pinks or a rainbow sheen that you see in the photos. There will be differences in each piece. Photos are a sample; your stone will be intuitively selected for you.

 The wearer of the Aura Crystal Talisman can experience insightful clarity and strong boundaries. A rainbow-like sheen, similar to an oil slick, amplifies its power. Additionally, Pink Aura Quartz boosts the heart chakra's ability to present itself with courage, compassion, strength, and openness. This crystal's hue ranges from orangey pink to a soft rose hue.

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