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Tide and Tied

Ethiopian Opal Compass Rose Ring in 14K Gold

Ethiopian Opal Compass Rose Ring in 14K Gold

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Ethiopian Opal Compass Rose Ring in 14K Gold Size 6

Navigate the seas of style with this Ethiopian Opal Compass Rose Ring, crafted from solid 14K gold. At its heart sits a captivating opal, radiating with the iridescence of the ocean's depths. Adorned with four compass points, this ring symbolizes guidance and adventure, perfect for the wanderer at heart.

Opals are revered for their mystical properties, believed to enhance intuition and inspire creativity. As you wear this ring, allow the opal's ethereal energy to guide you on your journey, illuminating the path ahead with its mystical essence.

Hand carved and wax cast and set in a size 6, this ring is an embodiment of timeless elegance and sophistication. While it boasts an unsizable design, its enchanting opal centerpiece adds a touch of magic to any ensemble. Let the Opal Compass Rose Ring be your guiding light on the journey of life's grand adventures.

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