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Tide and Tied

Keshi Pearl Bar Necklace

Keshi Pearl Bar Necklace

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Keshi Pearl Bar Handmade Necklace on 14K Gold Filled 18" Chain

Illuminate your neckline with the enchanting Keshi Pearl Bar Necklace. Delicate yet captivating, this necklace features Keshi freshwater pearls delicately strung on a silk bar, suspended from a 14K Gold-filled 18" chain, gracefully dancing below your collarbones with every movement.

The mesmerizing luster of the pearls catches the eye, drawing attention with its natural radiance. Whether worn alone for a subtle elegance or layered with other Tide and Tied pieces for a bolder statement, this necklace effortlessly enhances any ensemble.

Choose from either white, pinky gold or silvery grey high-quality Keshi pearls, each one natural, never dyed or treated, ensuring a timeless allure that reflects the purity and beauty of the ocean. Let the Keshi Bar necklace be your signature piece, a reflection of your individuality and appreciation for the exquisite wonders of nature.

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