A combination of round and oblong Freshwater Pearl necklace strung on silk with brown leather laying on a wooden background
A combination of round and flat freshwater Pearls strung on sil finished with leather on a wooden background
Tahitian and Keshi Pearls
A combination of  seven Tahitian and Keshi Pearls strung on silk finished with dark brown leather necklace laying on a wooden background

Kahala Single Strand Freshwater Pearl Wrap Necklace

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Handmade Silk Knotted Freshwater Natural Keshi or Tahitian Pearl Wrap With Deer Suede Necklace

Aptly named for the stunning coast of the south shore of Oahu running up to Diamond Head, these Kahala necklaces take you to a lush and luminous paradise. Luxurious silk knotted strand of freshwater Keshi and seed pearls on deer suede playfully dance at your desired length. All pearls are natural and are never dyed or treated. Five luminous Tahitian Pearls are an alternative to the exclusive freshwater pearl option. Select a turquoise or brown deer suede finish. Each piece is made to order so please allow for some small variables.