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Mahu Pearl Gold Choker Necklace

Mahu Pearl Gold Choker Necklace

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Mahu Pearl Gold Choker Necklace

Elevate your style with our Mahu Split Chokers, featuring an 18” 14K Gold Filled Paper Clip Chain adorned with your choice of freshwater or Tahitian pearls. These necklaces embody both glamour and rebellion, offering a fun and flashy accessory to complement any outfit.

In native Hawaiian culture, the term "Mahu" refers to individuals who embody qualities of both genders or exist outside traditional binary gender roles. They are often recognized as having a special place in society, with roles ranging from caretakers to spiritual leaders. Mahu individuals are respected for their unique perspective and are valued members of their communities, contributing to the rich tapestry of Hawaiian culture.

These are meant to be worn asymmetrically giving an elevated edge to the traditionally worn pearl choker. 

As part of my allegiance to LGBTQIA communities and commitment to diversity and inclusion, 20% of sales from any Mahu pieces are donated to the ACLU and HRC, supporting their efforts to promote equality and justice for all.

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