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Paniolo Lariat Tahitian Pearl Trio

Paniolo Lariat Tahitian Pearl Trio

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Paniolo Lariat Trio: 38" Lariat with Tahitian Pearls On Deer Suede With Thai Hilltribe Sterling Silver Beads.

This Paniolo Lariat Tahitian Pearl Trio is a symbol of rugged elegance and timeless beauty inspired by the legendary Hawaiian cowboys. This exquisite lariat necklace features a trio of divine Tahitian pearls delicately suspended on soft deer suede, adorned with Thai Hill Tribe silver beads for added charm and character.

With a fully extended length of 38 inches, the Paniolo Lariat offers versatility in styling, allowing it to be worn wrapped or looped according to your preference. Each piece is made to order, ensuring that it is crafted with care and precision. Please allow two weeks for delivery as we handcraft your unique lariat necklace to perfection.

Embrace the spirit of the Paniolo, the Hawaiian cowboys who roamed the islands' vast landscapes with skill and courage. Let the rugged elegance and timeless beauty of the Paniolo Lariat be a reflection of your own adventurous spirit and love for Hawaiian heritage

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