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Tide and Tied

Oceanic Majesty: Tahitan Pearl and Ruby Silk Necklace

Oceanic Majesty: Tahitan Pearl and Ruby Silk Necklace

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Oceanic Majesty: Tahitan Pearl, Ruby and Apatite 16" Silk Necklace

Crafted from sumptuous silk, delicately threaded with radiant ruby beads and mesmerizing blue apatite beads, this necklace captures the essence of oceanic opulence.

At its heart lies a single Tahitian pearl, a symbol of strength and intuition, radiating an aura of unapologetic power. The contrast between the rich hues of the ruby and the serene beauty of the apatite serves as a visual testament to the harmonious balance found within.

Let this exquisite masterpiece grace your neckline, guiding you with its intuitive energy and empowering you with its undeniable allure. Revel in the majesty of the ocean and the regal splendor of this necklace as you command attention with every step.

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