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Tide and Tied

Water Within: Ethiopian Opal Bar Necklace

Water Within: Ethiopian Opal Bar Necklace

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Water Within: Ethiopian Opal Bar 19" Gold Filled Necklace

Introducing our Opal Bar Necklace, a mesmerizing piece that embodies the mystical allure of opals. Each opal adorning this necklace is believed to possess unique mystical powers, captivating the wearer with its iridescent beauty and metaphysical significance. Opals are revered for their ability to enhance intuition, creativity, and imagination, making them powerful tools for spiritual growth and self-discovery. As you wear this necklace, allow the mystical energies of the opals to guide you on a journey of transformation and enlightenment. Let their ethereal glow illuminate your path and awaken your inner wisdom, empowering you to embrace the magic of the universe with grace and confidence.

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