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Tide and Tied

Puka Shell Cascade Necklace

Puka Shell Cascade Necklace

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Gold filled 19.5” Puka shell necklace 

Introducing our Tide and Tied Puka Shell Cascade Necklace, a simple yet meaningful piece that captures the essence of Oahu's pristine beaches. This necklace features a long drop of hand-foraged puka shells, each carefully selected to represent the natural beauty and regenerative spirit of the ocean.

These shells, with their distinctive holes formed by the playful motion of the tide, are a reminder that life is all about ebb and flow. Each shell symbolizes the beauty that emerges from constant renewal, making this necklace more than just an accessory—it's a personal talisman that connects you to the rhythmic pulse of the sea.

The understated design embraces simplicity, allowing the natural warmth and texture of the shells to shine. This necklace invites you to embrace your journey, to take time for yourself, and to find joy in the little things. It’s perfect for the woman who believes in the beauty of her own spirit, who sees life as a canvas to be painted with her unique colors, and who knows that the most profound moments are often the simplest.

Wear it to bring a touch of the ocean's serenity to your everyday life, to remind yourself to play and stay curious, and to celebrate the warmth that you bring to the world. Each necklace is as unique as you are, hand-crafted with love and intention. Give yourself permission to embrace your beauty with this charming piece that echoes the soul of the sea.

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