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Tide and Tied

Sacred Tide Choker Tahtian Pearl and Sandlawood Mala Necklace

Sacred Tide Choker Tahtian Pearl and Sandlawood Mala Necklace

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Sacred Tide Choker 18" Sandalwood And Tahitian Pearl Mala Necklace

Sacred Tide Choker, a harmonious union of earth and ocean, designed to grace your neckline with elegance and grace. Sitting higher at 18 inches, this choker features three exquisite Tahitian pearls, ranging from 13 to 15mm in size, meticulously hand-drilled and strung alongside fragrant Sandalwood beads.

The marriage of earthy Sandalwood with the oceanic allure of Tahitian pearls creates a captivating blend of natural beauty and spiritual essence. Each piece is made to order, ensuring that it is crafted with care and attention to detail. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery as we handcraft your unique choker to perfection.

The Sandalwood beads used in crafting this necklace are ethically sourced from a small women's collective in India. By supporting this collective, you not only elevate your style with exquisite jewelry but also contribute to empowering and supporting women in their pursuit of independence and safety within their community.

Embrace the divine connection to the sacred tides and the grounding energy of the earth as you adorn yourself with this enchanting choker. Let its radiant beauty and ethereal fragrance elevate your spirit and illuminate your path with grace and elegance.

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