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Seed Bar: Freshwater Seed Pearl Bar Necklace

Seed Bar: Freshwater Seed Pearl Bar Necklace

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Seed Bar:  Gold Filled or Sterling Silver chain with Freshwater Seed Pearl Bar or Coral Bar 18” Necklace.

Introducing our effortlessly chic Seed Bar: Seed Pearl or Coral Bead Bar Necklace, where beach glam meets carefree elegance. Inspired by the casual surf girl lifestyle and the serene beauty of the ocean, this necklace embodies the essence of our brand: kindness, creativity, and empowerment through individuality and resilience.

Crafted with delicate pink or black seed pearls or vibrant coral beads, each piece is meticulously set along a shimmering chain of sterling silver or gold-filled, reflecting the sun-kissed hues of coastal landscapes. The minimalist design exudes a timeless appeal, making it a versatile accessory for both day and evening wear. 

With a nod to ocean consciousness, our necklace celebrates sustainability and ethical practices, ensuring every piece is crafted with the utmost care for our environment. Elevate your unique style and radiate confidence with our Seed Pearl or Coral Bead Bar Necklace, a symbol of coastal charm and empowered femininity. The piece you select is the piece you will receive. 

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